Running Away, Running Home

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2008 was the year when I finally fell in love with running. As the year closes, I try to look back and ponder on this love. While I am happy to love running at the primal level - where the interplay of muscles, heart and lungs and the release of endorphins are almost akin to lovemaking - I am most grateful to the way running engages my mind. As I tried to remember my 2008 running moments, I realized I was happiest during my long runs. The act of running goaded by my surroundings would bring fond memories of childhood games, high school adventures, college crushes, graduate school misdemeanors, friends gained through work or sports, and a lifetime of shared family experience.

I thought by venturing out and hitting the roads I was running away from mundane issues at work or home. I realized I was running away and alone only for a while so I can find the strength and renewed enthusiasm to deal with life. I run away so I can clear my mind and rediscover my ability to face issues straight-on. I run away so I can appreciate what I miss back home. Running is not an escape after-all. It is rediscovery of the blessings you already have.

So for 2009 I intend to live through more adventures and foster new and deeper relationships. As I excitedly venture out for a run and head home, I shall relish all these freshly minted memories. With all the long runs I intend to do, I better squeeze more from life and upload into my brain megabytes of memories I can playback.

Happy New Year, my fellow runners in life. Together we shall discover the thrill of the trail and participate in the greatest race on earth - our very own lives!


sfrunner January 1, 2009 at 12:55 AM  

Hi Rico. Happy New Year and a safe 2009 for you. Please continue the great posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Take care and have a good weekend ahead!

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