Getting Back to the Habit

Saturday, October 14, 2017

For the past 9 years,  I haven't really stopped doing some form of physical activity (running, biking, swimming, etc), but I admit I have been remiss in blogging about them in recent years. Yes I have been active in my private Facebook account, but not in my public Twitter and much less here in Blogger. I am trying to address that now by forming a new habit: blogging on Saturday afternoons when I am typically relaxed and not preoccupied with work or training.
Tomorrow I will do the Nutrilite Health Run (10Km). My last foot race was the Resort World Run a few weeks ago. I am happy to announce that I am also registered for the Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge and will hopefully make it within 3 hours.
I am glad that I have won the battle against stress primarily by shifting employment, and consequently my blood pressure fluctuations are gone now. It is the battle of the bulge that I am still waging, this time through taking care of my own nutrition. I cook and prepare what I eat now. My weight reading today says that I am in my lowest weight for the year, but more pounds must be shed for a fitter me. Constant weight monitoring helps. Maybe more frequent blogging will also help me :)
Bye for now and may my 10K time tomorrow be better than a month ago :)


Next foot race: Maxicare Run

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The secret to continually moving forward is to set goals to look forward to. After resting my knee from taking a beating at my Gyeongju Cherry Blossom half-marathon and the mountain hike we did a day after, I am looking forward to run 16K in the first Maxicare Run on July 9 in BGC. Hope to see new and familiar faces there!

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Still Fighting for Fitness

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I am glad that I am no longer at my heaviest weight. I was heaviest last quarter of 2016 when a nasty combination of cough and colds prevented from doing exercise. My burgeoning weight then was aggravated by my generally relaxed diet stance during the Christmas holidays.

I am at least 6 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight, but a lot of poundage still needs to be shed. I have less stress now from work, I sleep earlier, I binge-eat less, and exercise more regularly. My blood pressure is much lower, but I still guard against unduly taxing my heart. I try to stay within the 130-150 beats per minute heart rate when exercising.

As fitness is a major goal, I go to the gym for swim, bike or run sessions 3-4 times a week, and join races on weekends. Vacant weekends are for recovery while tending to my gardens/backyard farm.

What I am currently working now is altering my breathing patterns. When you lug around pounds of fat around your belly, the tendency is for the belly fat to crush the diaphragm and succumb to shallow breathing. This bad breathing pattern greatly reduces my ability to run faster. I learned that consciously breathing through the nose, expanding my belly when inhaling, and having water in my mouth while running on the treadmill, work. Hopefully, with improved breathing comes faster pace and metabolism.

I hope to be fitter for the fun wave of Pinoy Fitness Sub-1hr 10K this weekend, and for my half-marathon in Korea on April 1.


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