Mini-sprint tri finish feels like a 70.3

Monday, September 30, 2019

Race Report:  UPLB Trantados Club's Beginners Triathlon, September 28, 2019

It was my comeback race after a year of not having enough time nor energy to join a race. I was nervous and excited. I was confident I could finish the 400m swim, and was resigned to walking the 3km run, but I was not sure if my butt was primed enough to sit for 18kms. Last I tried to actually ride my bike, I rode a glacial pace of 12kph!!!

I wore box trunks for the swim leg because I wanted to channel Marco Gumabao in Just A Stranger. This is after all a costume tri as well. Truth is, I eschewed my trisuit because I needed to breathe freely. Plan worked because I finished the swim without issues. Deadlast following doctor's order of moderate exertion only, but with enough energy left for the dreaded bike. I made sure I thanked the lap marshals for waiting for me.

Bike was easy on the way out. It was 3km slight downhill drift to Open University through Pili drive. Weehee, I am actually hitting high 20s in my hybrid bike! Far departure from 12kph :)  Going back was tougher - spinned it at 12kph :(  It was fun to see the other participants in the first two loops of my bike segment. People thinned out in my last loop, but I remained cheerful and thankful for all the marshals who cheered. They cheered for every thank you and sorry I said.

The best part for me was the run. Just about a handful of us are running, including a kid with malformed legs who happily finished as I went through my third run loop. I walked all throughout, mindful that I might be taxing my heart for almost 2 hr effort. I would apologize and thank the marshals every loop, and they peppered me back with cheers. On my last loop, a gang of more than a dozen Trantados members in costume joined me per their tradition. They chanted, joked, poked fun and cheered all throughout, so much so I actually managed to jog a bit in the last 300 meters. Sprint daw eh. With a cheerful squad like that, how could I not?

       ðŸ“· Tracy Carpena and Ghia Nabong

I crossed the finish line jubilant, drowning in happiness by the good vibes and cheers of the crowd. It was the best way to finish last. I did not crave attention, but these guys made me feel like a rockstar. It felt like finishing my first half-ironman. From the bottom of my recovering heart, thank you very much ❤

By sheer will and God's grace,
Rico V


Getting Back to the Habit

Saturday, October 14, 2017

For the past 9 years,  I haven't really stopped doing some form of physical activity (running, biking, swimming, etc), but I admit I have been remiss in blogging about them in recent years. Yes I have been active in my private Facebook account, but not in my public Twitter and much less here in Blogger. I am trying to address that now by forming a new habit: blogging on Saturday afternoons when I am typically relaxed and not preoccupied with work or training.
Tomorrow I will do the Nutrilite Health Run (10Km). My last foot race was the Resort World Run a few weeks ago. I am happy to announce that I am also registered for the Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge and will hopefully make it within 3 hours.
I am glad that I have won the battle against stress primarily by shifting employment, and consequently my blood pressure fluctuations are gone now. It is the battle of the bulge that I am still waging, this time through taking care of my own nutrition. I cook and prepare what I eat now. My weight reading today says that I am in my lowest weight for the year, but more pounds must be shed for a fitter me. Constant weight monitoring helps. Maybe more frequent blogging will also help me :)
Bye for now and may my 10K time tomorrow be better than a month ago :)


Next foot race: Maxicare Run

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The secret to continually moving forward is to set goals to look forward to. After resting my knee from taking a beating at my Gyeongju Cherry Blossom half-marathon and the mountain hike we did a day after, I am looking forward to run 16K in the first Maxicare Run on July 9 in BGC. Hope to see new and familiar faces there!

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