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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soakin' Wet but Lovin' the Feelin'

The wet and wild run started small and innocent enough. As Milo would put, "Great things start from small beginnings". Having eyed Milo Marathon Manila eliminations as my maiden full marathon (before it was announced that cut-off finish time is actually 5hrs, not 6hrs as I thought it would be - huhuhu), I was bent on doing two things for my training: run longer distances and learn to love running in the rain. An easy run in the drizzle with a good friend and an invigorating 5K Earth Run in the light rain completely changed my perspective of running in the rain. This time, I need to run under heavy rainshower for Vener wisely told informed me it rained cats and dogs last Milo Manila elims.

I planned to run 30kms nightime of June 4 in the Global City, as comfortably close to the 5hr cut-off time pace equivalent of 7:10min/km as possible. I mentioned the plan to Mar and Bong Yu, fellow crazy Milo marathon aspirants. Mar, LSD organizer that he is, broadcasted the plan in the shoutbox. And so the night LSD idea was born. People were worried abou
t the rainy weather, but deep inside I was actually hoping that for certain parts of the run, it would rain heavily (sorry peeps, haha)!

I guess I was not specific enough in my weather prayer request. While the skies cleared up late afternoon, the rains came back with a vengeance early evening. But rain or shine was the plan. Addicts that we were, we went for it.

Here are some of the early birds still smiling before the legendary rainsoak.
Roselle and Tim joined in for the picture taking before the Mizuno Running Club graduation

After a quick round in BHS loop, we picked up the girls Julie and Rochelle
and Doc Topher (who is rumored to have started the swine flu virus in the country - joke lang Doc)

Wary of the heavy rains and winds, we initially confined our runs around BHS. We were also waiting for Mar. Around the loop we saw Mizuno graduate Chips who ran along with us till Essensa. Mar eventually arrived before we ventured out of BHS when the rain momentairily stopped. Bongyu and I were trying to pace below or close to 7min/km as much as we could. (Speedmaniac Luis, where were you?) Fortunately,TNF and Earth Run medalist Wilnar, and Chips, both strong runners, helped us pick-up our pace a bit. We were running closer to 6min/km than 7min/km as we headed for Essensa and Mckinley.

We proceeded to McKinley to see some of the members doing short hill training there. It was along the stretch of Bayani road towards Mckinely HIills that the rains came down upon us in buckets. In huge buckets. But like the Seven Samurai we soldiered on. We were initially silent and cautious as we ran the busy Bayani Road in a single file under low visibility. When we hit the downhill road going down to McKinley Hills, all hell broke loose - the rains and us runners included. We shouted, we grunted, we cursed and adored the rain. We sped like maniacs on the downhill, arms flinging, hearts rejoicing.
Seven adult kids at play in the rain. Soakin' wet but lovin' the feelin' (Just a few kilometers nearby, the other group was doing the same) At those precise moments, the road was ours for the taking, and no storm could take that away.

Posing for posterity at km10 done with average pace of 7.12min/km. Bongyu/Mar, 0.02 na lang pasok na tayo sa minimum required pace (hehe) Partida na yan kasi we attacked the hills. Haha.
Runners unite! The two groups converged at the 7-11 pitstop - for nutrition, hydration and of course, picture taking.
The raingods must be so pissed that the buckets of rain they sent us failed to dampen our spirits. (Nag-picture-picture pa ang mga loko!). It retaliation, they made it rain even harder on our way back. Heavy sheets of rain came tumbling upon us. Visibility was just a few meters, and street puddles were threatening to form miniature floods. I had the privilege and pleasure of running the last few kilometers with's original Hoff (ultramarathoner Ronald).

Around 200m from BHS we paused and grouped again - for picture-taking once more!
Then our combined group of about 20 male and female runners headed for BHS and sprinted like crazy! Shouting and laughing, kids once again. It was a strong happy finish for every single one of us. That was some scene colorfully etched in my memory. It was be quite a scene for takbo member crouchingmonki noticed us from the comfort of the treadmill in Fitness First. Monki, you should have joined us!

More photos at the default start and last pitstop - ROX

Posing with four out of five Hoffs so far: Marvin in green, Ronald in blue, Doc Roy in orange/white and Mar inYellow; Hoff Natz, where were you?

Post wet & wild run dinner at Chowking with the crew in pink clowning around

Image model of Runners Anonymous
(a support group for running addicts)

Thank you guys and gals for a very memorable wet & wild run.
(Thanks to Doc Roy and Bong Z for the photos)

Sana ganitong kasaya rin sa Milo. Haha.


David June 6, 2009 at 9:52 PM  

Nice post as usual . Sad I missed it. Anyway, I'm sure there will be more of this as much as there will be more rains to come.....the Milo thing is really begining to freak me out though :)

Bong June 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

You sure look like you had fun running with your friends in the rain. Running under bad weather conditions with friends does not only build tightness and camaraderie among friends but also build character.Your orange shirt say it right, you guys are hardcore running addicts.

Rico Villanueva June 7, 2009 at 8:24 PM  

Hi David. For sure marami pang rainy LSDs. Hehe....same with me., Milo is freaking me out!

Bong, yeah, the run was so much fun, and i love that orange shirt :-)

Ian June 8, 2009 at 7:49 PM  

This sure looks a lot of fun!! hope i can join one of these rainy LSDs with you guys!

ronald June 8, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

boss rico, tagal na natin magkakilala pero nun lang kita nakasabay tumakbo. looking forward to more runs with you and the other addicts. :-)

Roy Tan June 8, 2009 at 10:32 PM  

NIIIIICE, Rico. See you at the Milo Marathon.

Let's kick it!

Rico Villanueva June 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM  

Ian, kailangan masanay sa ulan! Haha

Ronald, oo nga...panay kasi ang ultramarathon mo Hoff eh :-)

Doc Roy, fight, fight, fight sa Milo. Marunong ka naman ng emergency procedures di ba? Haha. Pero sana we finish well.

Anonymous June 14, 2009 at 6:09 PM  

Looks like you guys had fun during your practice LSD. Good luck on your first Milo Marathon! You can do it!!!

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