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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In support of Women's Day and Women's Month, let me repost a poem I made in December 2008. One of the Best Things to happen in 2008 was More Women Running. Now in 2011, they even have an All Women's Run. Ladies, you have come a long way. I give you all a snappy salute. Here is a little tribute.

Girls in Pony Tails

From the corner of my eye I see her
Slender girl prancing on moving machine
Clad in capri and sleeveless top
Bouncing hair on pony tail.
On the road I behold her
Goddess of the Road on pony tail
Long limbs like a gazelle's
Strides smooth as a whisper.
On cyberspace I see her
Woman of substance and strength
Her stories regale us all
She with her charm and pony tail.
Every now and then I think of her
Artistic soul on pony tail
On races I sometimes see her
Someday I will get to know her.

In support of International Women's Day, I am promoting this all-women's race. Yup, no men allowed as participants, but admiring from the sidelines is allowed. Luckily for us male bloggers, we also got invited to the race launch. Women's Health was kind enough to give a complimentary kit for significant women in our lives, so I gave one to a good friend.
What is special about the race? Well, there is opportunity at last for women runners to let their guard down and run free from obnoxious male runners. Haha. The racer back singlet actually flatters the ladies, and the finisher charm bracelet for 5K and 10K finisher is indeed a charm. Make sure to be clad in the official singlet to receive the bracelet.

My beagle Athena would have wanted to run, but for now this is exclusive to women. Maybe Athena can join the Pet Express Run :-)


Running Atom March 11, 2011 at 8:11 AM  

Very nice Poem :)
kakatuwa naman si Athena hehehe... sayang di sya makakasali sa Athena Run. Rock the Pet Express Run na lang Athena :)

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