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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The problem with the current running and multisport boom is congestion. Popular races close registration early because of the sheer number of excited registrants. Registration for Tri United 2 for instance closed this morning when the race is actually still in June. Last night there were 30 slots left; before lunch when I was supposed to register, they were gone. I should have known better. This being the best tune-up race for Cebu half-ironman, slots are expected to disappear early. For the Cebu race, slots actually disappeared in days. I also got shut out in that one, but I think I will not be ready to train for it this year anyway.

I also got closed out on the Run United race, the Rebisco race, and the Safeguard-2xU pikermi (although I will not actually make the 3-hr cut-off for the latter at my current weight). I was also late for the Goodhousekeeping run this weekend on account of busyness at work.

My lose-weight strategy is actually to register for a race every single weekend I am free. I have tried this since January, and so far I managed to run in 2 out 3 races I actually paid for. Sometimes, I decide to simply skip a raçe when I know I desperately need to pay a massive sleep deficit. The upside is that my helpers have a steady stream of singlets to wear for daily work.

For April, I haven't had a chance to register for a race yet. There were many I like, but the registration has either closed or ran out. Times like this I wish I have someone who can register for me. I did check out, but sadly they only carry a few races. I wish online payment via credit card and race kit delivery are more prevalent.

Tonight I will go to BHS to burn some fat in the gym and shop for races again. I hope I will not come empty-handed.

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Thirdy Lopez April 3, 2013 at 4:33 PM  

You don't need to run in running events to get a workout. You could do it on your own.

Or if you are really bent on running races opt for smaller races. It is easier to get in and they have better support for charities.

Just run.

Rico Villanueva April 3, 2013 at 5:36 PM  

Hi Thirdy. I actually run/walk in my village most of the time. Races are good motivational tools though. They are pressure tools too :-) the more expensive the race, the greater the compulsion to prepare and race. I do like the intimacy of small races too.

Thanks for dropping by.

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