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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Joining races is the most pleasurable form of training and keeping fit. It can be expensive, yes, but I put a premium on health. My health is my wealth.

I miraculously found time to update my race history and I noticed a couple of things:

  1. I have not updated my race history since January 2014. Now I am having trouble remembering the races I joined. For 2014, I needed to review my Facebook and Twitter timelines to remember events, but I think I still missed a few races. Oh well. Note to self: Tweet race event and finish time immediately after race to record your life.
  2. The most active I have been in joining races was in 2009. Twenty-nine races joined! I was also in my slimmest post-school weight in that year. Let me see if I can bring that race activity and weight back. 
  3. This year, I may just beat 2009 as my most active year racing. There is still time to remember my forgotten races and time to join more events. In multisport alone for this year, I have already logged two sprint tris, 2 standard tris, one half-distance tri, one aquathlon and one duathlon. Busy guy!
Life is one big multi-sport festival. Let us all be active race participants!


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