Monday, September 1, 2008

By Sheer Will

By Sheer Will is a blog created and maintained by recreational runner/triathlete Enrico P. Villanueva. The phrase "by sheer will" encapsulates the manner by which Rico finished his first ever foot race - a 5K during the Milo Baguio Eliminations in August of 2003. That was a race joined on a whim, prodded by rowing mates, stupidly started late and without warm-up, done with an ankle sprain and limp, and completed within 59 gruelling minutes. On that particular race Rico learned that races are won not by how fast you get to the finish line, but how you will yourself to complete the task at hand despite difficulties.

Rico brought the same sheer will to complete his first ever sprint triathlon a week after doing his first 5K. He finished last, but he finished, and that memory and satisfaction of having completed what seemed to be an arduous and impossible task will spur him on to complete a series of other races.

Rico continues to finish races by sheer will, often learning life lessons in the process. While he learns something new about himself and others with each race, he continues to be basically the same - a strong-willed person trying to push his limits and rise above his limitations. His motto has changed a bit though, for now he knows that races are not won by sheer will alone, but also by the grace of God.

By sheer will, by God's grace, everything is possible.



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God Bless,

Marge Buot said...


Just read this. Thanks to the link posted by Carins. Anyways, i super like this piece. Yes, to sheer will. See you soon!


Rico Villanueva said...

Thank you Marge and Carins =)

Tested na yang sheerwill na yan. Remember our last 5km ride back to Clark during the SCTEX ride. Haha. I had fun there, and never knew we can pull each other up.

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God bless us!

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