Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everything Else is Priceless

2010 Ateneo Aquathlon 
Classic: 600m swim, 6k run
March 14, 2010

Registration Fee:  Php450

 Cost of Tri-suit:  Php4-6 grand
Photo by Daniel Sicad (

Cost of digital photo:  free thanks to friends
Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

Everything else is priceless.
...the smile on friends' faces
Photo by Gerard Cinco

...the pre-race photo ops and goofing around
Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

...the feel of anticipation and the confidence that you have trained enough
Photo by fotosports (Rhia)

...knowing that you improved well in your transition time
Photo by Let Guieb

...finishing with a friend close behind
Photo by Daniel Sicad (

...A new personal record!
54:25 vs last year's 58 minutes
Beat 14 people in my age group of 55 men
Swim time of 14:48 vs last year's 16:50 (Beat 20 in my age group)
Transition time of 1:15 which is better than those of 38 men in my group
Run time of 38:22 for 6k vs last year's 38:45 for 5K (Beat 11 others in my group)

Photo by Aries Rosales

...Seeing SWAC (Sheerwill Aquathlon Cup) graduates get age-group medals
  Photo by Aries Rosales

...Being part of people's achievements
The Hermit's Journey
The Hotlegs Runner
Argonaut the company of friends

Photo by Aries Rosales


Anonymous said...

Congrats Rico ! :)


janine said...

Nice one, Rico. Parang nakaka-tempt mag-try mag-tri ah. ;)

Gingerbreadman said...

Wow! You've improved so much Rix! Maybe because you've lost a ton of weight :) Keep it going bud, and once I'm fully recovered let's go sub-60 hunting :) Nice seeing you last Saturday there, gwapings! haha :)

Mikes S said...

First ako! Ganda pic natin commish. Anyway, as always big thanks for the events that you organized. My plan to join a triathlon before age 35 .... has been changed to "before age 34".

Btw, where did you get the swim pic? Baka meron ako sa set na yun :)

Bong said...

Congrats Rico! You're not only getting faster, every time I see a newer picture of you, you seem to look more fit than before. I envy you for having the discipline. Must be a lot of fun, from all the smiling faces in the pictures.

jetpaiso said...

wow, congratulations bro! lufet! puede ka nang cover ng men's health!!!

Mar Marilag said...

Congrats, Rix! Nice one!...Priceless thoughts, indeed.

Run Kick Smash said...

Congrats boss Rico! Lupet mo talaga!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rico! Wow new PR! I so admire the feats that you guys accomplished, particularly in the water. :D

Watching you guys compete was just awesome and I'm glad I was able to witness it. Idol ka talaga Commish!

Rico Villanueva said...

Hey, Marky, thanks-thanks!

Janine, tara, suit up ka na. Lady runners normally do well in multi-sports. =)

Hey Luis, thanks. Yeah, I still have that sub-60min 10K to pursue. In time, bro, in time. Hehe.

Hey Mike, nice to have swam and run along your side. You can check fotosports in Facebook or google it.

Hey Bong, meron pa tayong mag-asa pumayat. Tara na. Right now on concentrating more on diet.

Jet, tama Men'S Health, with tagline "Wag Tularan!" hehe

Mar, thanks...yeah, priceless :-)

Sid, ang bilis mo nga eh. Galing!

Dennis, next time ikaw naman. Kung kaya ni Wilnar, kaya mo rin =)


Congrats, SW! You were instrumental to make this possible! Thank you.

Can I grab some of your photos? ;)

Ria said...

Rico, grabe! Congratulations! :)

Gail said...

congrats rico! grabe you lost so much weight na! galing :) go for that sub-60! ;)

daytripper1021 said...

must be the trisuit. hehe. ;-)

congrats Rico! di lang pang marathon, pang duathlon ka na! galing galing!

Julius said...

Looks like you're already in full Ironman mode - all the way down to the tri-suit!:) Congratulations, Rico. See you in the coming races.

Rico Villanueva said...

Hi Roselle, congrats again for the win. Of course you can grab photos. Hehe.

Hey Ria, long time, no see. Hope to see you again in the Powerade Duathlon.

Hey Gail, I did lose a couple of pounds, but more pounds to go before I chase that sub-60 10K.

Yes daytripper, the trisuit works. Haha.

Julius, dinadaan ko na lang sa japorms. Haha.