Saturday, February 15, 2020

In God I Trust

I just registered for the Vermosa aquathlon in March because my Boss Above The Clouds ordered me so. When I asked my Boss Father two weeks back for a birthday gift of discernment on how to meet the temporary challenges at work, His curt reply was: Trust Me. I tried to win some battles using intellectual gifts He gave me, but He keeps frustrating me and sending me signs to Trust Him on this one. I can picture Him saying, I got this.

Last week I asked Him how I can split myself and my waking time to do my mountain of tasks. His response to me was a homily about St. Jerome and his miracle of multiplying bread for the hungry orphans. I will find time by giving time. I will multiply time by giving time to all the hungry aspects of myself. 

So I rest when I am tired. I go to museums and buy art books because I miss my art. I drive to my hometown because I want to play with the kids there. I registered in an aquathlon because I love the water and it makes me feel alive.

It is so damn scary not to have full control, but I trust you, Lord.

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