Friday, July 8, 2022

Slide and Glide in the Water

The next race goal is swim 800m in less than 40 minutes, in the Olympic size pool of Vermosa. Race date is August 14, 2022 or just over a month from now.

I went yesterday to Trace College compound in Los Banos, Laguna to do swim time trials in a 50-m pool. Alas, its Olympic size pool is closed (used only for special competitions) and the only pool open to the public is the 25m one.
I have been doing regular swims but I have not been timing my speed. I was focused on relaxation and fitness on those swims. I am aware that I am past the gasping stage experienced by those who have not swam for some time, but I still do no not know if my swim time is within the required 5 minutes per 100m to beat cut-off time.
First 100m was a super relaxed one. Time: 4:51
Second 100m was a bit faster but still easy. Time: 4:32
But can I already sustain that pace for 800m? I thought I needed to swim faster per 50m and have some quick recovery gasps in between during the actual race. A 4min pace would give me more comfort and assurance.
I decided to do 50m x 16 times. Every 50m lap must be done below 2minutes.
1st 50: 1: 57
(had to go out and buy food because I could feel my sugar level falling down)
2nd 50: 1:52
3rd-9th: 1:47ish
10th: 1:45
14th: 1:40
15th: 1:35
16th: 1:29
The best part is that I was swimming faster in the latter intervals not by producing more power (I keep hearing my doctor saying "moderate exertion only") but by streamlining myself and swimming more efficiently. I pictured myself sliding and gliding in the water.
1min30sec per 50m or 3min/100m is my usual pace for half-ironman swim from years ago.
I just hope to swim 4min per 100m for the Turbo Sprint Tri. So help me God. More swim intervals in the coming days.

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