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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The text below was supposed to be my first blog entry, then entitled "Determined to Run," but I never got down to finish it. Then I saw the Milo Marathon TV ads a few days ago. Finally, here is my Milo Marathon story:

By Sheer Will

Baguio 2003. The race has started and I was still finding a place to park. It was my first ever race and I was late. My companions and I breezed through the gate and raced up the hill to catch up.

It was a cold morning. I had no warm-up. The first hill wasn't even over when I sprained my ankle. I had a choice - go back to my vehicle and sulk, or plod through 4.8kms of hills to finish my first ever 5K. The fighter in me chose to persevere. I was late by my own doing. I must finish what I started.

It was the most agonizing walk I have done. Some people were walking but even they were moving faster than I was. I was limping and cold. Towards the end I could sense them hurrying to beat the 1 hour cut-off. It was painful to see them dashed off while I limped on. Last 100m I finally saw the clock at 58:00. I summoned all remaining will and finished. The finisher shirt meant that much.

Since then I have ran longer races. When running or life gets tough, I look back to this Milo run.

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I like the story entitled: Last but Not the Least by Noel Miraflor. It reminds me of my first triathlon a week after my first Milo 5K. Incidentally, there are also stories by runner-bloggers ibanrunner and running fatboy.


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