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Monday, November 17, 2008

The New Balance Chronicles

For the most part, running for me is a solitary activity. Alone but not lonely. Accompanied only by my thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams. Running is my "me" time. Free from pressures, responsibilities and expectations. However, I do enjoy chatting prior to practice runs and races, and hanging out with friends after.

When I decided to do the New Balance Clark race, I was a bit disheartened that my regular running mates had other commitments on that day. I had a 25Krun to settle with New Balance though and I could not let this sadness get the better of me. My hopes rose a bit when two of my mates registered on the last day, with the hope that they could free themselves up on race day. Me-ann had a family to look after so she decided to haul her whole family instead a day before her 10K. Me-ann, it was by divine grace that we bumped into each other minutes before I enter the 25K starting corral, and I am happy for you that you had a great, first 10K run.

My running officemates during the Animo Sprint Triathlon in September
(Oliver, Bunny, Me-ann and myself)

When God closed the door on the possibility of us four running together, he opened a window for me to bump into other office mate Jerome in the building cafeteria. He was so amazed with my weight loss that he wanted to do whatever program I was following. It was running - simple. So inspired was he that he said "Okay, I would also do that." He even registered for the 10K Powerrace. This was a guy whose only prior experience in running is joining the 5K Clark International Marathon. As if this was not enough, he said his two other friends are also running the 10K and 25K, and we can all bunk together in this nice, 4-bedroom villa inside the Clark base. Everything was falling into place!

Tsi, Jerome, mysef and Karen in front of the villa, day before the race

This is me hanging out with the cacti in Zapata along Friendship road
(The quesadilla, Gringo burger, enchilada and salsa were winners)

This is Jerome savoring the Pasta Sardina and the Garlic Shrimp Pizza
(Jerome, for your courage in taking on the 10K challenge, securing us the villa and being our local guide,
you deserve a solo photo.

Myself, Karen and Jerome, enjoying the food at Asti's

(For me, the food here was Greenbelt level - if not better - at Asti's, a quant, tiny, Italian restaurant owned by Jerome's cousin Sherwin.
He was a chef working in London who came home to be with his family.The appetizer which was smoked salmon lying on a bed of fried (poached?) egg on top of a slice of bread was so good I forgot what it was called. Asti's is in Hensonville subdivision, a stone's throw away from Friendship road.)

I thought we came to Clark to race. From the photos it appeared we came there to eat. Jerome, thanks for being a good host. Karen, you are such a riot. I was laughing every ten minutes with your stories and antics. The first 12.5K of our 25K run passed like a blur with you around. Tsi, thanks for the wonderful race breakfast and the photos. Good luck girls on your Singapore full and half marathon. We should do this again. Triathlon in Clark - bike, run and eat. I will do the eat leg :-)


runpinayrun November 24, 2008 at 8:38 PM  

Aba aba! Running blog ba ito or food blog? Para ngang nagpakabusog tayo during our Clark escapade.

PS ang ganda ng pose koh, I mean, naten sa pics! At talagang kailangan SOLO mo lang yung nasa cactus?!?!?!!

Rico Villanueva November 25, 2008 at 12:06 AM  

Karen, ang galing ng projection mo. Ako lang ang may picture with cactus; idea mo yan, remember? Meron ka photo pero katabi aircon (hehe). Seriously, we should go back to Clark. Gusto ko rin punta ng quarry. Will bring MTB and roadie. Let's do it after your Sing marathon.

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