Running Takes a Backseat

Monday, November 10, 2008

October 30, 2008. In the middle of what is deemed as the worst financial crisis in a century, I took my mandatory 8-workday leave from my job as market risk manager. In the crucial half of my very brief (1-month) training period for my 25K New Balance Powerrace, I took time off to witness the miracle of life and birth. For about a week, I attended to 3 of my pomeranians delivering their first litter and constantly checked on the tiny little pups that came almost miraculously from the small wombs of their dams.

By my choice and with God's grace, my kennel was blessed by 4 live pups from 2 bitches. By my choice and perhaps by my own mistakes, my kennel had a stillborn pup and lost a dam and the unborn pup trapped within its womb. I suppose life and death are but parts of the grand scheme. I grieved and focused on the blessings. I have 4 wonderful puppies. I have a job to go back to very soon. I have races to run and running to clear my mind and focus on what is essential. Life is beautiful.


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