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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am supposed to be in bed now but an inner voice is bugging me again. Tonight I just came from one of my self-imposed Saintly Tuesday sessions and our discussion leader Ardy Roberto was talking about this book called Law of Recognition. The central thesis of this book is that everything you need in life is already given to you, merely awaiting your recognition of it. Ok, got it, I think I wrote something to that effect in my year-end blog post "Running Away, Running Home". If I recall rightly, I wrote something like "For a moment we ran away so we can realize the blessings we already have at home." But Ardy said the book has more. We are supposed to have a life's assignment. What? Isn't that high school stuff? Sounds like Purpose-driven Life which was so years ago.

I hate taking notes so I did not get the exact whole list, but we are supposed to recognize our assignment by several factors. We are supposed to be assigned to administer to a group of people. Our true calling may bring us grief and suffering. A geographical posting will have to be defined. If we are posted in a group, task or location that rejects us, we may need to shake off its dust and find our calling somewhere else. The calling will be strong and brimming with passion.

As Ardy enumerates all of the above, my mind zooms back to 2008 year-end when I began to set 2009 fitness goals. At that time I was thinking whether I should have a blog vision/mission (VMOS). Having moved from one bank to another, I am now a veteran of corporate VMOS. I was so influenced I made one for my dog breeding, showing and grooming endeavors. Should I make one for this blog? Nah, I said then. I am no corporation needing a VMOS, so I tucked away all those thoughts in the recesses of my memory.

Well tonight Ardy unknowingly fished my VMOS thoughts from my pool of memories, and these darn thoughts won't let me sleep unless I wrote about them. I have about a handful of other blog topics awaiting their time to be written, but this particular set of thoughts insist that they be served first. And so I am releasing them.

To write about what I feel and learn, as direct and honest as I experience them, as I undertake my swim, bike and run adventures.

To be attuned to the Divine voice that will lead me to my next adventure, direct how I am supposed to play it, prod me to share my experience, and give me words that best convey the essence of my adventures.

To stay true to my values and calling, notwithstanding the challenges ahead.

Ok, done, can I sleep now?....Wait a minute. Between You and me, how come this assignment seems so one-sided. I know You are one powerful God, but must You twist my arm to have it Your way. It appears like You are the Director and I am just a pawn, (ok, the lead actor) in this morality play. I thought I have free will. My God, this is my blog, can't You at least make me write it the way I want it.

(God lovingly stares at me but says nothing).

Ok, You can be the Director. Can I at least claim the role of scriptwriter?

(God smiles patiently)

Ok You write the Book of Life, but grant me at least the Best Actor award. An Oscar nomination may suffice.

(God smiles again)

Ok I get it. One last set of questions: Am I really supposed to be painfully honest and truthful? Can I spice up my stories a bit? Must I broadcast even my blunders? Won't I appear weak and inept? Won't I get misinterpreted? Won't people make a mockery of me? Do I always have to be goody-goody? Can I be nasty at times? Can I snap back at malicious people?

God said: I gave you enough intelligence to allow you to answer your own questions. I prefer that you poke fun at yourself rather than others. Glorify me by showing that being good is "way cooler" than being nasty.
Being nasty is easy. If you think you are smart, then this challenge should be easy. Make your God look cool.

Parang mahirap yata 'yon, God. Gawin mo na lang akong cute, instead of smart.

God continued: I give you runner's high, swimmer's built, cyclist's power and the endurance of a triathlete. I give you adventures you will never forget, and move you through highs and lows of ecstasy. I give you opportunity to enrich your life as well as those of others. These should be reward enough for any inconvenience faced. I trust we have a fair deal. So move on - swim, bike and run - then write My stories. You are part of my Team Supreme.


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