Hectic Sunday

Sunday, January 18, 2009

  • 10K race in Fort.
  • 950m Swim in MASA or Ultra.
  • Dog show visit and puppy registration in Marikina.
  • Hopefully, a chance to ride my road bike.

The Bull Run
Those are my agenda for this Sunday. I had to cram everything this Sunday. I spent the whole Saturday idling, recuperating from my training runs and "social" runs (read: accompanying friends who are newbie runners) and catching up on sleep lost most of last week. I needed to rest so I would survive the 10K run on hills despite my recent runs being limited to 5-7km recovery/easy runs.

I started my day today early at 4:30am in preparation for the PSE Bull Run. I arrived in the race venue with just enough time to take one photo, chat with about five friends, and do a quick, regrettably short, stretch-while-you-jog-in-place warm-up of sorts. The race signal was soon given and off we runners went. As I ran I asked myself: so what is my goal for this race? Simple, to complete the 10K, especially since all I have been doing the past week were just 5 or 7Ks - short practice runs to refine my techique and wean my left foot off all alarming signs of pain.

While I was entered in a fun bet with some takbo.ph runners, I was already ready with my 20 peso pot contribution. As much as I wanted to have another go at beating the hour for a 10k, I was simply not there yet. When I can ran again minus the alarming signs, I shall do my long runs again, burn more fat in the process, and commit to muscle memory whatever improved techinique I have learned. After that I will do my speed drills. Ang tagal pa ng sub-60 ko!

Resigned to the idea that speed was not a realistic goal for this race, I tried hard to look for other goals to focus on or other things to amuse myself. I tried to go into my daydream/blog mode but the magic was not there. This mode comes so easily when I do the LSD. Clearly I have to take another hit of that drug. God, I miss my long runs! Finally after about 1hr 7 min I completed the 10K. Now I could chat longer with friends and look forward to breakfast. No race PR for me, but I made PR with running friends.

The Aquathlon
I told my running buddy Karen I could not do another 10K that day, but I would gladly join her for breakfast. After a hearty breakfast of daing na bangus, I felt I could make a nice splash at the pool. The Speedo aquathlon is 2 weeks from now and I was still not confident of completing the required distance. As I could only manage to squeeze in swimming on weekends, I had to make that swim this Sunday. Off to Ultra I went, with the plan of doing 950m freestyle straight and doing 3K run immediately after (if my lungs are still alive). This will be my first unofficial 950m swim/3K run aquathlon!

With MJ turning up also at the Ultra pool and accompanying me in the swim (well this fast swimmer actually waited for me at pool ends most of the time), I easily completed the swim required. Slow, but continuous and decent time enough I guessed.

Now 3K may be short distance for a run, but the roads within Ultra compound have very steep gradient and rough, uneven, cemented surfaces! Not exactly ideal for easy run. Surprisingly, my average pace for this practice run was my fastest for this year! I supposed swimming helped ease some of my muscle aches, and the steep downhills did a good job of pushing me ahead.

The Doggie Concerns
I had to register the 2.5 month old pomeranian puppies I bred. (Yes, they do have birth certificates like you and me. Theirs are even more fancy with a 5-generation genealogy!) As I could not go to the canine club office on weekdays, I opted to catch the club personnel during the weekend dog shows in far-off Marikina. As pomeranian club officer, I also have to show my face there every now and then. This wannabe runner/triathlete has turned delinquent club officer and irregular dog show participant. Hopefully in February when there are less races, I can squeeze the time to train, groom and show my baby pomeranian puppies. Gee, I also have another show dog prospect I bought and promised to campaign for championship. I would need at least 2 weekends for that if my dog and I are very lucky, but more likely around 8-10 weekends to get those championship points. Huhu, that's a lot of bike or swim training weekends foregone!

Well, over lunch till early afternoon, I did manage to register my pups and catch the dimunitive pomeranians beat on both show rings the Siberian huskies, chows, akitas and other related spitzes.

Impromptu Duathlon

The weekend was fast disappearing and I haven't ridden my road bike yet. Even if I can use a cycling machine on the gym, I need to master my balance and rhythm on the bike. In short, I need to spend more time with a real bike. I quickly scanned my memory for a relatively safe (and near) place to ride. UP was my first answer.

I reached UP quickly, parked at the commercial center inside campus, donned my cycling shorts and new yellow riding jersey - first one I bought after a long time. I was trying to channel that Lance Armstrong vibe with that jersey. Ok na sana except I only had my chunky New Balance running shoes on. Yup, no time still to get those bike cleats. Still, I was kinda overdressed for very laid-back UP. Next time I will wear that in Alabang, where cyclists are donned like they are doing the Tour de France :-) . I initially intended to bike there, but that's on the opposite end of the earth at that time.

I aimed to hit the rolling terrain going to the Executive House and conquer my fear of riding alongside jeepneys. I actually biked through the driveway of the Executive House (feeling chancellor) and rode through the streets plied by the UP ikot jeepneys. At times the engine rattle, smoke belching and honking of jeepneys threatened to distract and push me off into the road ditch, but I realized I have as much right on the road as the private cars and jeepneys of this country. No UP Ikot jeepney should prevail over an Iskolar ng Bayan! So I made them eat my dust (and crawl behind me hehe).

After 40Kms of maneuvering through jeepneys and kids on the loose inside the academic oval, I finished the bike leg of this impromptu duathlon with my morning 10K as the first leg. To complete the duathlon, I did 2 rounds of the oval and some more for the last 5K.

I rightfully rewarded myself with Rodic's tapsilog for all my day's efforts. I should have gotten 2 more UP shirts as finisher shirts for my unofficial aquathlon and duathlon. Haaay, ang hirap magpanggap na triathlete! I am tired and a bit sore, but I am loving the feeling :-)


Anonymous January 19, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

You sure know how to properly end a hard day's workout... Rodic's tapsilog, yum-yum!

Keep it up!


Anonymous January 19, 2009 at 4:20 PM  

Haha!:-)If we were required to present birth certificates with 5 generations of genealogy on display... i think some of us would definitely be more picky when it comes to claiming ancestors!

Anonymous January 20, 2009 at 7:49 PM  

Bonafide triathlete ka naman eh! Haven't tried to do two sports in one day.

See you on Sunday and good luck to us!

Rico Villanueva January 20, 2009 at 11:30 PM  

MJ, buti ka pa malapit sa UP. Yup, nothing beats Rodic's. The challenge to jostle for an empty seat and the sameness of the commercial center through the years just add to the atmosphere.

Mesh, if only we can choose our ancestors, I would select good-looking, intelligent, landed rich ones with philantrophic bent.

Karen, baka maniwala ako diyan at lumaki ulo ko. Haven't you biked and run in the same day before? If not, let us do it one day. If we can detach the front wheel of your bike, I think 2 bikes can fit in my vehicle for our future duathlon. I will cheer you on towards the finish line on Sunday. Breakfast on me after.

Anonymous January 21, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways where did you take your swimming lessons ? I'm keen to take it up while I'm still young.

Anonymous January 21, 2009 at 6:06 PM  

Shoot!, now that explains the doggie comments I got about the coughing/ barking thing. LOL!

Whatta Sunday you got there! Keep the adventures rolling! ;)

Rico Villanueva January 22, 2009 at 12:15 AM  

Hi alisha. Thanks for dropping by. Aside from mandatory P.E. swimming classes in high school and college, I didn't really take formal swim lessons. I am more self-taught. I was a so-so swimmer in high school, but in college I loved swimming so much I enrolled in swim class about 3 times just to be able to swim.

Cathy, yup, that exlains the canine references. See, I really meant well :-)

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