Friday, April 29, 2011


Born out of camaraderie of takbo.ph

Attracted by the waters of Camaya

Nurtured on the pools of Bonifcaio, Aguinaldo and Mahogany Villas

Wheeled through the roads of C6, MOA, DH, Bugarin and Jala-Jala

Lured by the promise of Camsur 70.3

Founded on the shores of Anvaya
 Bonded on the hills of Subic
Forged on the anvil of Subit

Spread triathlon love in Animo

Suited up in Powerade duathlon

Went to Camsur to become IronMen

Turned Rockstars on the beach of White Rock

A year after we go back to Subit
To do what we always love:
Swim, bike, run;
Eat, play, laugh.

Godspeed, teammates and friends :)


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