Power of Three

Monday, April 11, 2011

Power of Three

3 races registered -
an aquathlon, a duathlon and a 10K.
3 PRs courtesy of friends:
a sub-50 swim-run, a sub-2hr dua,
and an awesome 51min foot race.

3 DNS in 7 days
all because of a calf muscle
that cramps when pulled or stretched!

3 times I've got this:
One coming out of pool lap in NAGT LB,
Two jumping on a VFF photoshoot,
Three going for a giant, air-filled Earth Ball.

3 weeks I set aside to tame my calf;
3 weeks are all I've got before Subit;
3 weeks to bring down my weight,
with only swimming as my exercise.
Sigh. sigh. sigh.

But the Power of Tri is such,
that a man is compelled to surge on against the odds
On May 1, I rely alone, on 3 years of tri wisdom,
and maybe some favors from gods
Neptune, Mercury and Mars.

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