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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here I go again. Pursuing half-ironman dreams. 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21k run.

Triathlon always ends in a run! In an effort to finish strong, I am duplicating the training I did last year:  Do a series of pikermis. 

Half-iron dreams are built on half-marys. For my half-ironman training, I am doing at least 5 - in succession! That I will do the pikermi a day after strenous bike rides ups the ante. Bricks never felt so hard!


One:   Goldilocks Run  (May 15, 2011)

   At the finish line (Photo by James Rosca)

Goal:  survive the first of my Here to Infinity series of half-marys.
I am doing this after a 90K ride at Jala-jala the Saturday before.

Survive I did. I ran all throughout the 21K, walking only to sip drinks in water stations. Yes I ran even the flyover - going out and going back. I must admit I  looked forward to the walk breaks in water stations. Thank God Runrio is famous for many water stations.

Excellent race organization and lots of freebies (I like the Selecta ice drops), but the race lacks the warmth I seek. Weather was hot yes, and race was grand, but I see few familiar faces in the huge crowd.

Finish time: 2:42:30.  Not bad given my weight and recent running mileage.


Two:   Greentennial Half-marathon  (May 22, 2011)

Goal:   Try to improve from last week's run.
Challenge:   Do this after 55K tempo ride in Daang Hari the day before
I liked the vibe in this race. What the amateur hosts lack in professional hosting experience, they more than made up with energy. When I hear their antics from kilometers away, I chuckle. Good job Argo, KB and Michelle. The 80's vibe was tacky, but amusingly tacky. Tacky was the point, and they succeeded! So many familiar faces. The PowerPuff boys are pacers, Team Boring, etc. Water cups run out in a few crucial stations, which affected my race a bit, but it was made up by Pocari in the last few stations.

Once again, I ran all throughout with the exception of walk breaks at water stations. The route was flat but weather was challenging. Absolutely no shade here. First time to race in my Mizuno Wave Aero 9 - sockless! The shoes did not disappoint, notwithstanding the water that fell off the pitcher onto my foot!

Finish time:  2:40:34. Pwede na, I think. Route was a bit short though. Still good training.


Three:   Greenfields Clean Air Run  (May 29, 2011)

Initial Goal: Improve my time supposedly
Final Goal:  Survive and bring myself back to my vehicle
Challenge:  Do this after hill ride in Verdana-Westgrove-Nuvali the day before
Complications:   Lack of sleep and phelgm

I was an hour late (my fault entirely). My alarm did not sound off and I did not note the adjustment in gun start. An hour behind meant I was 7-10kms behind the runners. Tall order! I pick energy from the crowd pa naman.

Towards the Mamplasan toll exit I was inching close to the last 21k runners, when suddenly they disappeared. Dunno what happend. Did the walkers ran, rode the jeep, went to Verdana? I had no idea. I ended up running the whole 21K route with no one close ahead.

It was a 21K exercise on mental toughness. The zigzag route inside Pramana village did not help. To recount a friend's tale:  someone supposedly remarked "Kahit yumaman ako, sinusumpa ko, di ako bibili ng lupa dito."   I was initially amused looking at the houses, but 2-3kms of tight meandering on every street on the village is overkill.

Result:  a sloowww 2:54:37. I was physically the last runner to cross the finish line, but results would show there were dozens with worse time than I had. I hope my next race performance would be better.


Next:   AKTV  (June 5, 2011)

I should be sleeping now for this instead of blogging. As 2010 Milo marathon and Greentennial Half-marathon would show, MOA and Macapagal roads are tough nuts to crack.

Good luck to me.


Next:    Mizuno Infinity Run (June 11, 2011)

Goal:  Have my best pikermi time here for the series
Race Mantra:  Never settle

So help me God.


Julius June 5, 2011 at 9:12 PM  

All the best, my friend! Tama yan, train hard and tri even harder, so I'll have an Ironman as my pacer for the 160 home stretch in 2012hahaha! See you soon, bro!

Rico Villanueva June 8, 2011 at 6:37 AM  

Bro, half-iron pa lang. Hehe. Mukhang psyched ka na dyan sa 160 ah. Go, go, go!

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