Spaced Out, Priced Out

Thursday, April 12, 2012

By some twist of fate I actually found time to map out my 2012 race calendar. Two things I noticed: I was spaced out, priced out.

Spaced out. Now that I live oustide of the Metro (actually I am just beside the Metro, what a Pinoy might label as Metro "gillage"), I am having more difficulty choosing foot races. I was considering the free Hyundai Run, but if I had to haul myself xxx kms to Quirino grandstand at dawn, then the trade off does not seem attractive anymore. So I settled for Lion's Run. I hope I made the right decision. I also hope race organizers cater more to that big, prime market in the South (Ayala Alabang, Alabang Hills, BF Homes,Verdana, La Marea, Nuvali, Westgrove, Laguna Bel-Air, etc)

Priced out. I know my work eats up the lion's share of my time, but I realize I had to force myself to join multisport races soon. Subit and 5150 look appealing, but in all honestly, I think they are too pricey. I honestly don't know what demographic class is the target audience, but even mid-lifers like me with stable jobs and some savings in the bank hesitate to fork out that amount. I contemplated Subit sprint, but for Php4,600 for late registration, it looks steep. I supposed I simply have to content myself watching it to get the Subit vibe, and then do swim-bike-run simulation while I am there.

I did manage to put more meat into my race calendar. I really hope to get back into groove soon. See you in the waters or on the road. Ciao!


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