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Thursday, July 7, 2016

I am typically the independent spirit at the gym doing my own thing. You would often see me hogging the stationary bike or treadmill. Occasionally, I would get a trainer to compel me to raise my exercise intensity, I have also tried group core exercise in the past.

The past few weeks I have been joining group spinning classes (RPM, Le Mills) in the gym. My teammate and weekend training buddy tried it out one time on a whim and for training variety. Maiba naman. We are triathletes supposedly - maybe not as active - but we barely survived our first spinning outing.We simply didn't know how to pace ourselves  initially. Eventually, we got the knack for it. It is a fun and compelling way for one to have variety in training and get some intensity. We had so much fun trying the spinning class that we also ventured the bodypump class one time. It is easier to brave these group classes if you have a buddy with whom to suffer humiliation and laugh things off. If pacing is the key to RPM, the appropriate weights are the one for Bodypump. We learned that the hard and weary way.

I am actually using the spinning classes as my main training for the Cobra 70.3 Ironman in August, moreso now that the rainy season has come and my weekends are occupied sprucing up my home garden/farm in Los Baños. In the past, my 70.3 strategy has been to bike long outdoors. I will see if this indoor training will work for me soon. I heard even some pros do most of their training indoors.


daytripper1021 July 8, 2016 at 3:51 PM  

All the best in your Cobra 70.3!

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