Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urbanathlete Daw

 Having fun at Urbanathlon
(photo courtesy of Topher Montaos)

As early as the first edition in 2008, I have always wanted to do the Men's Health Urbanathlete Obstacle Run. I have always done obstacles as a kid way up till my teen years. Tires, hurdles, balance beam. How different would they be from my kiddie monkey bars and jungle gym? I've been there, done that...AS A KID.

This full-grown, overweight adult wants to be carefree and agile again. So despite the poundage yet to be shed from my extended athletic break and the calories from stress-eating that my new job is threatening to convert into fat, I signed on for 2010 Urbanathlon. I intended to sign up only for 5k, but ended up registering for 10K lured by the medal. Some habits die hard.

I was late for 10k, had to skip the tires and balance beam because of the long line of 5k people at the start. I did the garter maze, the hurdles where I almost pulled a groin muscle (note to self:  stretch!), and the crawl where I was happily dirty and surprisingly fast. Ha!

On the last 50 meters the 8-ft Wall looms large. Despite prior pleadings to organizers Ian Alacar, Jinoe Gavan and Doc Lyndon, there were no cheat steps on the wall. So how am I going to pull up my XXX-pound self over that Wall? I observed and debated for a while and came to a conclusion: Maybe I can huff and grunt my wall over that wall, but honestly, I prefer to scale that Wall in better condition. So I sped towards the finish line to finish my 10K, took the time penalties and claimed my 10k finisher medal. Enough exertion for the day. The Wall will still be there for the taking. In my preferred time, in my personal style.


Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

awww looks like you had a lot of fun! =)

Jinoe said...

When will you tackle the wall? Baka next year 10ft na e. Hehehe...

Sam TheRunningNinja said...

Oh God Rico!
Start na nten BLC for realz!Ano next year na? wag muna next month hehehehe

janine said...

Yay! You're back. ;) hehe